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Smart Lighting

Classy Savings

Nothing makes your home seem more advanced than being able to turn lights on and off - with your voice, your smartphone, or a control panel. Your lights can be set to turn themselves on and off on a timer.


Voice Control

Everything - with your voice

Google Home, Amazon Echo, and a dozen more brands of smart speakers are changing our lives. We can simply ask for what we want and our smart speaker will make it happen. “Hey, Google, order my favorite pizza.” “Hey, Alexa, lock my house.” Everything we need in our homes can be controlled by our voices. Jetson Smart Homes can bring your home into the 21st century.

Smart Thermostat

Save $ Comfortably

Your thermostat can be the source of most of your comfort and most of your household expenses. A smart thermostat does more than just turn the heat and cold up and down; it can be used to automatically cool the house before you get home or turn it off if you’re not home. A smart thermostat will even learn your family’s habits and adapt to your needs.


Multi-Room Audio

Tunes Everywhere

Your music can follow you throughout the house. Go from room to room listening to your favorite tunes. If you’re hosting a party, you can have music in every room. Maybe it’s cleaning day and you need some exciting music playing to motivate you. This is a must for every music lover!

Streaming Devices

Never Miss a Show

Smart TVs, streaming devices, computers, tablets - You can see your favorite movies and TV shows anywhere, anytime as long as you get Jetson Smart Homes to install your smart devices. We’ll make sure that your stationary devices are getting a great signal and are programmed with all your favorite channels.


Smart Sprinklers

Save Water Easily

With a smart irrigation system, you no longer have to worry about having your sprinklers on in the rain or turning them on manually on those scorching hot days. Smart sprinklers will automatically shut off if it’s going to rain that day or even turn on if the UV index is too high for your lawn and your plant babies.

Video Doorbell

Control and Convenience

The simplest and most effective security device on your home, aside from a lock on your front door, is a video doorbell. See who’s coming to your door, answer the door from anywhere, scare away intruders, and control the front of your house. Make sure your video doorbell is set up correctly to protect your family. (1).gif

Smart Door Locks

Easy Safety

No more keys to lose or look for. Use a PIN number that you simply type in. Every member of the family can have their own number. You can even give out temporary numbers for the dog walker, a workman, or visiting family. You can even unlock the door with voice command, so you won’t miss a minute of the game to let your buddies in!

All-in-One Remote

Media - Under Control

A single remote control can handle your entire entertainment system - TV, BluRay player, streaming devices. Get one remote that seamlessly controls everything in your house. You can even control your TV with voice commands.


Smart Pet Feeder

Happy Fido and Fifi

No matter where you are, you can make sure the pets are fed. You can even talk to them, see them, and give them treats. Your pets can get your love and affection (and food) even when you’re not home.

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