Flat Mounting

The Standard

The classic way to mount a TV to a wall. We’ll mount the TV on the wall securely, hide the wires and cables, and make your home look even more modern. Get that TV off of the furniture and put it up higher where it’s easier to see. Give us a call. We can flat mount a TV in just an hour or so.

Telescopic Mounting

Upgraded TV Mounting

Aim your TV to any part of the room so you get a straight on view. A telescopic mount is great for avoiding glare and making sure you don’t miss a minute of what you’re watching. This is perfect for great rooms or places where the TV is shared across different rooms. It’s also ideal if you use your house for presentations. A telescopic TV mount is a secure way to get the most out of your flat screen TV.

Bias Lighting

A 5-star Upgrade

The Jetson Smart Home team will install bias light behind your TV. You can eliminate eye strain and get more color contrast from your TV. Bias lighting is a great way to get the same type of ambient lighting that exists in great movie theaters, without the sticky floors and with a pause button.

TV Framing

100% Style

Putting a frame around your TV not only camouflages it but can make it a fun focal point of the room. When Ole Miss or Mississippi State aren’t playing, you can put up classic painting and turn your kitchen or living room into the Louvre. With images from the outdoors, you can expand your home theater into Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon. We can frame your TV in any color or style so that it matches your room and looks amazing!

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