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POS Systems

Easy Sales

Get all of your POS and payment processing needs handled - with a back of house suite of reports and sales data. Make deposits to the bank. No matter how big your business is, you can benefit from a POS system.

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Digital Billboards and Menus

In-House Marketing

Change the menu, highlight a special, announce a sale, push an upsell. Use digital billboards and electronic signs to promote your business to your customers and increase awareness of the things you want them to know about. Each one is wirelessly connected so you can even change them from home or the head office.

Accent Lighting

Lighting is Everything

It’s the lights that make all the difference in any setting. If you want customers to notice something, put a light on it. Your brand can shine with a light aimed at it. Let Jetson Smart Homes help you accent your most important assets.


Multi-Room Audio

A Complete Experience

Nothing gives your customers a more coherent feeling than when the music follows them from room to room. Keep the tunes flowing throughout your business so your customers can feel that everything is one complete customer experience.

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