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Top 4 Benefits of a Smart Home

Welcome to the Jetson Byte! Our blog for everything smart home tech. We want to help you learn about Smart home devices, the process, the benefits, and the technology. Here are the Top 4 Benefits of a Smart Home!

1. Convenience: Make life more convenient with a home that responds. You are able to connect all your home technology through one interface. What does that mean? Essentially, you only need to learn the voice commands and/or one app on your tablet and smartphone, so you can conveniently control all the functions and devices in your home. Because of this convenience, the learning curve is significantly shorter for new users, so you have easieer access to various functions in your home.

2. Control: You have the power to control functions of your home from anywhere! When it is really hot outside, you can tell your house to cool down before you come home from work. If you forgot to turn off your lights, close your blinds, or turn off the tv, you can remotely turn it off. You have more control over your home all at the power of your fingertips (or voice ). And, the ability of control is limitless depending on how much you decide to automate your home.

3. Energy Efficient: Depending on the devices you get and how you use your smart tech, you can make your home more energy efficient. You not only save more money, but also help save the planet. For example, smart thermostats can help cut down your heating/cooling costs by 10 - 20 percent just because they provide you with a more control of the temperature of your home. Also, with smart lights, you can save money because most of them are LED smart bulbs, which give you the same amount of light for less the amount of energy cost, and you can program your smart lights to automatically turn off when they are not in use.

4. Safety: Knowing your family and home safe gives your peace of mind. Video doorbells, wireless cameras and smart doorlocks give you control over your safety at home. You can connect your video doorbells and wireless cameras to your smartphone, so that you can always monitor what is going on inside and outside your home. With smart doorlocks, you can create a pincode that only you and your family know. Also, you can create temporary codes for guests, the dog walker, or anyone who needs to drop off something at your home!

It’s all about taking your home to the next level. Whether you have a new home and want to make it state-of-the-art or you want to upgrade your existing home, we are here to help you! Keep your home Smart, Simple, Secure. Follow Jetson Smart Homes on social media by scrolling down below and stay knowledgable on Smart Home Tech.

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