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How Does Smart Arrival Lighting Make Your Life Safer?

When you come home after a long night, your driveway can be dark and scary until you walk to the door or you walk all the way up to your slow motion sensor. Smart arrival lighting changes that. By using your location, your smart home can help to provide additional security and convenience no matter the time of day. Take the video below for example.

As I turn into my neighborhood, my phone knows exactly where I am, and sends a signal to the controller for my house to turn on the garage lights and front porch lights. With my lights on before I make it home, I always feel secure and I don’t have to wait for a motion sensor or a manual switch for the lights to turn on. The smart arrival light makes sure I’m never in the dark when I arrive home, and I always know what’s around every corner.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Mar 11, 2021

Amazing! This would make me feel a lot safer

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